I think almost everyone recognizes the critical role that education plays in our modern society. We are very fortunate to live in a time and place where every child can get a solid, well-rounded foundation of science, math, English, history, religion, computer science and other teachings that allow us to survive and thrive in our modern world.

Education also has post-secondary education included under its umbrella. That means the community college and University of Wyoming systems. I currently serve on the Wyoming Community College Commission, and am a graduate of the University of Wyoming College of Law. These two systems provide the economic incubator that drives the state. It is imperative that we work towards providing opportunities for adults to expand their opportunities while providing the skilled workforce that we need to sustain a robust, diverse economy.

I champion all educational efforts in the state of Wyoming. With the collapse of the coal industry, and some serious budget shortfalls, there is not any entity under the State of Wyoming budget that will not be analyzed for the utmost efficiency. K-12 education accounts for one-third of the budget. I support education, but it will have to be included in the scrutiny for the upcoming lean years.