An Endorsement from Senator Ogden Driskill

Ogden Driskill is a sixth generation Wyoming rancher.  He and his wife have 3 children, and have the KOA at Devil’s Tower, making him a dual small businessman.

He also currently serves as the Vice President of the Wyoming Senate.  He is respected among his peers when the people from around Wyoming gather in Cheyenne to do the business of the State.

I am honored to call him a friend, and to have him endorse me for the Wyoming House of Representatives.  Ogden knows what it takes to be a successful representative for the people of Wyoming.   Legislating takes consensus and discourse.  Over the years, Ogden and I have discussed many issues and attended Republican functions together.  He knows that I possess a knowledge of the issues facing Wyoming, along with respect and intelligence, and will put those to work for the people of Riverton.  I am proud to share his endorsement with you.

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