Riverton has had some of the strongest and lengthiest service from both of our Riverton legislators. Eli Bebout and Dave Miller have a combined 48 years of service to our State. Those are big shoes to fill. It is imperative for a strong voice to continue for the people of Riverton, and Fremont County. In order to do that, the people who replace them have to be able to hit the ground running. An important way to accomplish that is to have people who are familiar with the process, as well as the people in leadership and important roles that know and respect the new Fremont County representatives. Ember has received the endorsements of many such people- because they know who she is, respect her conservative values and the service she has done in our community, and in the county attorney’s office for the last decade. Here are some of the Fremont County and State leaders that support her.



Fremont County & State Leaders, Business People and Law Enforcement Endorsing Ember Oakley

U.S. Senator Al Simpson

Riverton Senator Eli Bebout

County Attorney Patrick LeBrun

Fremont County Sheriff Ryan Lee

Riverton City Councilman Tim Hancock

Representative Lloyd Larsen

Garth & Bobbi Yeates

Senator Tara Nethercott

Former Speaker of the House Colin Simpson

Vice President of the Senate Ogden Driskill

Representative Bob Nicholas

Travis & Jolene Osback

Senator Hank Coe

Representative John Winter

Commissioner Travis Becker

Lieutenant Sarah Trehearne

Ret. Riverton Game Warden Brad Gibb

Lonnie Slack & Nite Kehoe

Mike and Kate Martin

Mike and Heather Becker

Reggie & Elisa Larsen

Phil & Jennifer Pfisterer

Deputy Sara Lowe