Our history and our very identity tie with Agriculture in the state of Wyoming. We are, after all, the Wyoming Cowboys.

There is a very real opportunity right now for the agricultural industry to return to a more local and community-based production, benefitting from (and for) our local farmers and ranchers.

The federal government has become involved in the production of our food. Largely through cumbersome restrictions and regulations. We have seen the effect of that via the creation of monopolies of extremely big corporations. Due to this, these companies have become so powerful that they make huge profits; while making it unsustainable for the producer, who is doing the actual raising of the crops or animals. This is unfair and unjust. Further, it creates instability in our country in the very most dangerous place. Our food supply.

This current situation facing the agricultural industry is a demonstration of the danger of federal government overreach, and of the long-term effect of onerous government policy. I will work towards reining in the federal regulations that have caused this imbalance, regaining control of our agricultural markets and returning power to the producer and the states.