Wyoming Game, Fish and other Natural Resources

This is an important topic to me, as I grew up a game warden’s kid. I was raised to respect the land, wild game, water, and all of the other abundant resources that we are so fortunate to have in our backyards in Wyoming.

The management of these resources is intrinsically important to us. There are millions of acres of federal lands within our borders. Sometimes, there is a disagreement on the proper ways to manage this land. There is also federal overreach in some areas. The management of the grizzly bear comes to mind. When that happens, our state legislature and government need to stand firm in our state interests. I support state management, where possible. There needs to be a science and fact-based approach to management, not one of emotion and conjecture. Our local scientists and wardens understand these issues far better than bureaucrats in Washington D.C. The State of Wyoming must be active and firm with the federal government regarding management principles and overreach.