Criminal Justice

As a Wyoming prosecutor, I would be remiss if I did not include a section on Criminal Justice in Wyoming. First and foremost, I support our law enforcement in the State of Wyoming. Our officers, on the ground, provide for our community safety every day. Often, at their own peril. Supporting our law enforcement officers and efforts is a very important matter to me.

People should feel safe in their homes and their yards, women should be able to walk at night without fear of being followed or assaulted, and businesses should not have to be victimized by thieves. While we know it is not a perfect world, criminal justice is the line of defense that can hold criminals accountable in today’s society. I have dedicated my career to the difficult task of holding criminals accountable in a demanding field, administered by the high standards exacted in criminal courts.

Finally, I will put my knowledge of criminal law to work for the people of Fremont County and Wyoming. There may be some reform in specific statutes that can be addressed, such as in domestic violence, that I will put forward. I will be very open to listening to constituents on the various ways that they believe our statutes could be amended to better address these issues of safety and accountability in our community.